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The Goods: Smol change for us, giant impact for the planet

24 September, 2021

Many of us may not think about the impact keeping ourselves and our homes clean has on the planet. Yet home care products are often packaged in single-use plastics that are rarely recycled; they contain dangerous chemicals which are then flushed down the drain; and they consist of up to 80% water, which not only makes the transportation more carbon intensive, but also, raises a basic question – why are we paying for water?

Enter smol, the new home care brand looking to make a difference. Smol delivers concentrated tablets of laundry detergent, dishwasher tabs, and various spray cleaners through your mailbox. It is cheap, works on a subscription model and is delivered to your door.

Smol’s approach to managing key issues is why we love it. These super concentrated tablets leave much fewer chemicals in the wash water and promote better water quality. Small and lightweight tablets also mean less waste, just a small FSC-certified and recyclable cardboard box that can fit through the mailbox, to help reduce plastic waste. And the dry formula for surface cleaners removes the need to transport water. Instead, you will receive 100% recyclable bottles-for-life in which you dilute the cleaning tablet with your own water at home, while the dishwasher and laundry pods go straight into the machine.

Yes, you must add the water to your cleaning spray but considering that the company has saved over 300 tonnes of plastic and reduced carbon emissions by 6000 tonnes since 2018, we say that is only a smol change for us, yet a giant impact for the planet!

By Marie Guérinet

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