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The Goods: The Forever Store

15 October, 2021

The way we buy is broken. Things which used to be investment purchases lasting decades have now become throwaway items, generating waste on a huge scale. It is no accident; the products have been designed to be short-lived, to keep you coming back, again and again, and again. Not only does this burn a hole in your pocket, but is a huge cost to the environment.  

Every year in the UK, 22 million items of furniture are discarded and over half of new fast fashion items are chucked away. Clothing production alone is responsible for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions – more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined.  

Longer lasting products are an often-overlooked solution. This is where Buy Me Once comes in, described as ‘the first forever store’, to find the longest-lasting products on the planet, designed to be bought once, and only onceFrom socks to kitchen knives, toasters to tweezers, through in-depth product research, Buy Me Once seeks out pieces that will stand the test of time.  

The environmental benefits are significant. If your T-shirt can last just nine months longer, you could save 20-30% on CO2, water waste and pollution. Imagine the impact if scaled to years longer.  

The trouble can be the upfront cost; people aren’t used to saving up for products anymore, but in the long-term it’s worth it for the best deal. 

If you don’t want a repurposed or preloved item, and you’ve had enough of products which are built to break, then we suggest investing in long-lasting quality, and joining the buy-for-life movement.  

By Alice Railton

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