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The Goods: Use, return, reuse on Loop

17 September, 2021

As consumers increasingly search for more sustainable shopping habits, brands and retailers are looking for ways to cater to them. This week on the ‘goods’ we are bringing you Loop.

Over a year ago we were celebrating the arrival of this innovative platform where shoppers could order their groceries online, receive them by courier in durable and reusable packaging and return the packaging the next time an order arrived at their house.

This week, Loop has officially launched in ten Tesco stores, a milestone many were waiting for. In this model, consumers shop as they always have, pay the deposit at check-out, consume the product at home and use the Loop Deposit app to find the nearest Loop return point. The Returns Point creates a QR code for consumers to scan before dropping the empty packaging in the bin and getting their deposit refunded through the app.

We are thrilled by Loop, not only because it is a convenient yet sustainable way to shop, but also because by partnering with Tesco, sustainable shopping becomes all the more accessible to everyone.

So if you are around Cambridge, Milton Keynes or Leicester, be sure to head to the Reuse Station in Tesco to get your hands on some of your favourite brands like Brewdog, Tetely or Heinz in reusable form.

By Marie Guérinet

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