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The perks of climate change

24 February, 2020

Do you feel the guilt when flying but can’t reconcile the trade-off between saving time and saving the planet?

Given that 70% of the flights in the UK are taken by just 15% of flyers (most of whom are professionals), it’s no surprise that the Climate Change Committee recommends banning frequent flyer programmes and introducing levies on air miles.

However, 50% of us actually want to fly less but are too tempted by its time efficiency. Luckily, Climate Perks offers a solution for those who work.

The organisation’s purpose is to persuade businesses to offer their employees a minimum of two days of extra paid leave, to allow them time to travel by bus, train or boat on holiday. In exchange for signing-up, businesses get a ‘Climate Perks’ accreditation to prove their commitment.

Other creative environmental incentives include ‘bike to work’ programmes, exemplified by Clif Bar, Honest Tea and Patagonia, which pay employees for doing so. Next has made sustainable travel a part of its culture, with its covered bike-parking and showers; even offering a £5 Next voucher to employees for every day that they travel sustainably to work. And who doesn’t love food? Queen’s University Belfast hosts cycle to work breakfasts, as well as downloadable cycle routes.

There are lots of ways for businesses to practise what they preach environmentally, and by incorporating environmental nudges and incentives into employee benefit packages, it’s possible to send a powerful message to employees about what a company values.

Eurostar to Paris, anyone?

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