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The world’s to-do list

24 September, 2021

Earlier this month we wrote about the need for a renewed focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Which is why we couldn’t resist following up this week with a story on the UN’s newly launched campaign to drive progress towards the goals’ achievement.

Aptly named the World’s To-Do List, the campaign challenges us all to put the SDGs back on our agenda. We love the way the goals have been framed as sticky notes for the world, serving as a clear, actionable reminder that we have a plan to fix the world’s biggest problems, we just need to dig in and get it done.

The campaign website makes getting involved easier than ever, by setting out clear actions individuals can take to contribute to each goal. Businesses are also being invited to share how they are currently supporting the goals, and what’s on their to-do list for the future.

We’re all guilty of pushing big, difficult tasks to the side. Which is why this campaign is the perfect reminder – not only that action is needed now on the SDGs, but that our global challenges are much more achievable when broken down into small actions. There’s nothing more satisfying than ticking an important task off a to-do list, and what could be more important than this?

By Louise Podmore

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