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Understand yourself

1 May, 2020

Whether you’re an ‘acceptor’ or a ‘resistor’, a Ravenclaw or a Hufflepuff, or an ISTJ or an ENFP, understanding yourself better could help you cope while we wait to find out when we’ll return to the ‘new normal’. 

Among those of us now working from home, introverts may have initially jumped for joy at being able to get some solid work done without distracting office chatter. Meanwhile, the extroverts who like to intercept the tea-makers for a conversation were dreading not being able to see anyone outside their household for, potentially, months. 

As we embark on the final week of the second instalment of lockdown, it’s safe to say that the novelty may have worn off for many of us. But, whatever your opinion of the Myers-Briggs personality types, they have a handy guide to deal with social isolation for different personalities that might help you get through the weeks ahead.  Judging (J) types, for example, are likely to be getting restless if they don’t feel they are accomplishing things, so setting achievable goals like completing projects they’ve been putting off will help to achieve this. Similarly, Observant (S) types need more practical and tangible activities to feel fulfilled. Meanwhile, Intuitive (N) and Prospecting (P) types personalities might be missing out on culture, exploring new things and deep-diving into new topics. These types can still catch a musical on the Broadway HD streaming service or take a MasterClass to get their fill. 

Whatever your character, though, what we all have in common is that humans are social animals. So, whether you generally prefer your own company or that of others, it’s important to find ways that work for you to stay connected to each other during this time, both in a work context and a personal one. So, harness your personality type, call-up your loved ones, and video-chat to maintain stronger connections – at home, and at work. 

By Cara McEvoy

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