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Up-cycle to work?

25 March, 2021

As we start to think hopefully about returning to the office, we are delighted to see that sustainability has become mainstream when shopping for your back-to-the-office accessories.  

Upcycled fashion used to be a niche sector. Twenty years ago, Freitag was a pioneer creating its sturdy and unique bags from upcycled seatbelts and lorry tarp. Today, we see luxury brands, such as Loewe, upcycling scrap leather from past collections to create unique pieces instead of sending them to the bin. Or how about Elvis and Kresse’s beautiful bags made from old fire hoses? These companies demonstrate that good looks and aspirational products can go hand-in-hand with sustainability.  

And if you are looking for ways to get rid of your waste or unused ‘stuff’ during spring cleaning in the remaining lockdown weekends, there are an increasing number of options. Of course, clothes and accessories can be donated to charities, but beyond that have a look at Cycle of Good, TerraCycle or even Runners Need to see if there are collection points for your old and punctured inner tubes, old running shoes or empty make-up packaging or games. These companies look to either upcycle the material or properly recycle your waste to create innovative and planet-friendly products.  

With a growing network of companies using resources more efficiently, fingers crossed that, in 2021, we not only have a reason to pack our bags for work again but that the bags we pack will be beautiful and sustainable.

By Marie Guérinet

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