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The pants Y.O.U want

11 November, 2022

We don’t talk about underwear very often but at Good Business we have decided it is time to look (decently) at what’s under our winter layers.

Do you know the most sustainable and ethical brand of underwear in the UK, according to B-Corp? Well, it’s Y.O.U. Underwear, as this is the company that received the highest score on the B-Corp assessment. The three-member team got an overall score of 160.5, while the medium score is currently 50.9.

Y.O.U. Underwear sells fair trade, vegan, 100% organic cotton underwear for men and women. Not only that, but it improves access to education for women and girls by donating underwear. This is done by a “buy-one-give-two” promise in partnership with Smalls for All, a Scottish charity that collects and distributes underwear to vulnerable women and children.

One of the challenges of adopting a sustainable way of life is understanding how a company manages all aspects of its processes and practices – including those that aren’t visible at the point of purchase. This is where the B Corp certification comes in, providing a short cut through the complexity.

And if you are interested in seeing whether your company or brand could beat Y.O.U, feel free to contact Marie at marie@good.business. She will help you understand what you need to do to make sure the next UK’s highest B Corp score is held by YOU!

By Flora Gicquel

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