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Strategy Case Studies

Saving 99.1 billion calories


Lucozade Ribena Suntory

We partnered with LRS to envisage and enact a 50% sugar reduction strategy across the business. We set out the vision, created internal consensus, developed the path to market and supported the development of supporting partnerships and actions. We’re still working with LRS to complete its transformation to a healthier, lower-sugar, enjoyable wellness company.

Being on the right side of history looks like this. Thanks Good Business!

Peter Harding CEO

Aiming for half a
million actions
Global Citizens



Turning conventional employee engagement and cultural cohesion projects on their head, we forged a partnership between Coty and global campaigning organisation Global Citizen. It turns Coty employees into purpose activists on a bespoke internal platform, breaking down the barriers to freedom of self-expression and fighting to create lasting social change.

We wanted a disruptive and modern approach to creating impact, Global Citizen delivers it.

Camillo Pane CEO

Elsa, Donald Duck, Moana
and Buzz Lightyear are on
your family’s side



How do we use the power of our characters and our content to make a real difference to the health and wellbeing of families around Europe? We couldn’t think of a better question to be asked. Through deep qualitative European research, we helped shape a Healthy Living strategy for Disney that spans the whole brand and puts Disney’s unparalleled storytelling to transformative use.

Sustainability Case Studies

10 million meals
at 30,000 feet

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic serves a lot of meals in the sky. So it came to us for help on how to make sure they’re sustainable. In partnership with our friends at the Sustainable Restaurant Association, we developed a comprehensive sustainable food programme which aims to ensure all on-board food and drink is sourced fairly and sustainability. So far, we’ve achieved some great results, such as working with Fairtrade India to set up the first Indian Fairtrade banana cooperative, switching to MSC certified fish across the Caribbean and introducing our Beijing and South African caterers to higher welfare pork and beef producers.

Fish finger futures

Nomad Foods

Nomad Foods – owner of Birds Eye – has a lot going for it. Its portfolio is predominately made up of fish and vegetables. It has a place on the plates for four million of us every day. And frozen food is a boon for food waste. It came to us with a desire to refresh and evolve its sustainability strategy and a determination to do more. A perfect brief for us. We built from where Nomad was to develop a new sustainability strategy for the group that places it at the heart of the new food revolution we need – with ambitious targets for nutrition, sourcing and the operations that underpin everything.

Saving 350,000 sauce
sachets from landfill

Just Eat

Just Eat is on a mission to help its restaurant partners be more sustainable. With over 30,000 restaurants on its platform in the UK alone, it’s an amazing lever for change. Back in 2016 it came to us to help give that mission strategic direction and to find the best partners for action. Since then we’ve helped roll out the world’s first restaurant trials of seaweed-based sauce sachets in 65 restaurants, brokered a new partnership with charity Food Cycle raising hundreds of thousands of pounds, and created an inspiration and skills programme for tomorrow’s chefs.

Behaviour Change Case Studies

Helping 80% of girls in Botswana believe smoking isn’t cool

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Smoking rates for women in many African countries are really low but now, among teenagers, that’s changing fast. We’re seeing a dramatic rise in the number of girls taking up smoking. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation wanted to take preemptive action, which has led to us running a multi-intervention social marketing campaign designed to write a different end to the story. We started in Botswana in 2014, and developed what has become the most popular teen brand in the country: SKY Girls. SKY is all about helping girls ‘stay true’ to themselves and what they believe in. From Botswana to Zambia, Kenya, Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire – we’re reaching the lives of hundreds of thousands of teens and helping them stop before they start.

Saving men’s lives

Kent County Council

Kent County Council

With suicide rates in Kent at their highest level since 2002 and suicide the leading killer of men under 45 in the county, Kent County Council was determined to take action. Using the principles of social marketing and behaviour change theory, along with in-depth research with the target audience, we developed a campaign to increase the number of men who felt able to call the council’s helpline. The multi-award winning Release the Pressure campaign ran for six weeks, generating over 19 million impacts with men through all channels and 20,000 unique visits to the campaign’s website. This all resulted in a 21% increase in callers and, most importantly, a 37% percent increase in male callers to the helpline.

19 million doctor’s
appointments up for grabs



That’s the number that are missed every year. Each time a patient fails to show up it wastes a healthcare professional’s time, it costs the NHS money – an estimated £950 million each year – and it delays access to healthcare for other people. We worked with Pfizer to try and change this, using behavioural research to identify four themes to investigate further. From the use of behavioural techniques to encourage attendance in primary care and the optimisation of appointment reminders in secondary care, to looking at how we can overcome the high levels of DNAs (did not attends) for outpatient appointments at hospices and the general public’s reluctance to attend screening appointments, the aim is to test practical approaches that we hope will make a real difference.

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