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Having a clear purpose and a distinctive set of values is the foundation of a progressive future.

A purpose sets out the value your organisation brings to the world. And values go hand-in-hand, setting out how your business does what it does – the way in which it works and behaves.

Done right, these have the power to transform your business, acting as a relentless, driving force that directs the organisation and everyone in it towards a better future.

We work with organisations to help them define, articulate and embed their purpose, ensuring that it really does crystalise the societal  need they meet – and is not just an elevated brand or marketing positioning.

And we partner with them to develop sets of values that are distinctive, actively useful and work for everyone.

Our Approach
We start with the intersection between what you do and what the world needs

We immerse ourselves in your organisation and context, seeking out a wide range of perspectives on what you do and how you do it. We map these answers across to societal and environmental challenges, issues and needs.

We work together with your people and stakeholders

For purposes and values to be able to drive change they must sit in the hands of the people who make up your organisation, this means creating them together.

We define and articulate the purpose and values with precision

We need the purpose and values to be inspiring, authentic and intuitive - this means finding the right words for you and your team.

We turn the words into action

We work through the implications of the purpose for your business and brands – what will you start, stop and keep doing? How will the values drive change? And we develop a socialisation and action plan to make it happen.

Products and Tools

Purpose exploration and articulation

A purpose is not simply a marketing positioning – it should come from a deeper truth about what the organisation brings to the world and the unique way that it does so. This means exploring purpose by talking to the people who know you best, and developing an articulation that rings true and drives the business forward.

Values development

Cookie-cutter corporate values bring very little to an organisation or its employees. Great company values bring to life the culture, motivations and spirit of what it means to be you. We work closely with your team to understand your special source and bring it to life in a way employees really ‘get’.

Leadership and employee engagement

Purpose and values can’t just live on a piece of paper. To be transformational they need to direct everything you do, for everyone in the company. We work top-down and bottom-up to make this happen, turning business leaders into purpose advocates and helping every employee understand, embrace, and deliver on your vision.

Social leadership programme

What’s the best way to demonstrate the power of your purpose-led business? Work with us to deliver a social leadership programme that uses your unique strengths, assets and reach to create social change, in a way that engages and involves your employees and consumers.

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