What we do

Our work covers a wide range of areas. Whether it’s a behaviour change smoking campaign in Botswana, a large scale consumer research project in Europe to understand parents’ attitudes to healthy living, or a social brand marketing campaign to protect Arctic habitats, our work is all about driving positive change for organisations and the society of which they are part.

Behaviour change

We use techniques from the worlds of marketing and behavioural science to develop behaviour change campaigns and movements that help create positive social change.

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Purpose-led brands

We think the existence of purpose is hanging in the balance. It rose to take the brand world by storm, and has fast become purple prose that acts as a mirage to real progress. In far, far too many cases it’s a marketing exercise that ends up with a glorified version of what everyone used to call a ‘positioning,’ and lasts as long as the CEO or Brand Director that delivered it. Purpose washing is real and it’s everywhere.

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We help organisations understand what sustainability means for them and how to deliver on it in a way that makes both social and commercial sense.

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Social marketing

We develop and deliver initiatives that build brand value by showing how the brand's strengths and resources can deliver social value.

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