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Sustainability, as it has been conceived, isn’t driving progress fast enough.

It has done a lot to lay the path to a more transformative future. The processes it has developed are the right ones. And it’s a very good thing that in most big businesses there is an established corporate responsibility function, often with a seat on the Board, and often led by someone who gets all this, and cares passionately about the future. But it’s not delivering the results we need. All too often the sensible CR framework, and its associated targets and report, act to enable business as usual, rather than change it.

We’re determined to make sustainability leap into the future. This doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel, or shouting fire and brimstone. It means making the most of the foundations that have been laid and launching into real leadership. And it means making sure that when a business is ready to set a game-changing path forward, it can be confident that the way it manages its operations will support this, rather than undermining it.

Our Approach
We work systematically and methodically to understand impact

Once we understand your impacts, we organise then into a framework that makes intuitive sense and reflects who you are, what you do, and what your stakeholders expect.

We set targets that stretch and are ambitious

While also making sure they are realistic and supported by a pathway to achieving them.

We develop specific supporting structures for delivering change

From the nitty gritty of data management and carbon disclosures to impact audits to CR governance structures.

We weave embedding and engagement into everything we do

Because we know it’s the only way to create any real change. We bring together a wide range of internal stakeholders and make sure every function throughout the organisation – from marketing, to HR, to strategy – gets what this means for them. And we help to build internal cultures that engender action in everyone.

Products and Tools

Impact audit

You want to deliver a step change in impact, but what targets should you set to guide the course? What are the right metrics and how are you currently performing against them? What’s good, and how can you become a leader? We’ll help answer these questions, setting you on the path to change.

Frameworks and targets

We bring powerful simplicity and logic to your sustainability strategy – bold and directional frameworks supported by clear metrics that ladder up to meaningful targets. We challenge you to be ambitious, but work to understand what is achievable, and bring it all together in a way that makes stakeholders take notice.

Sustainable food

Our expertise in transformative food sustainability is pretty much unparalleled. Whether you are a food company, or food forms part of your services and offer, we can help you to create a better food future for your business and the world.

Net Zero - Climate strategies

We help you understand your full carbon impact and create an ambitious strategy that ensures you play your part in the transition to a lower carbon economy. This means working with your business to define a data-based reduction strategy around Science Based Targets, with a robust and credible path to net zero.

Net Zero - Sector protocols

Good Business is the strategic partner of Net Zero Now, a new initiative designed to help the 99% of businesses in the UK that are SMEs to create credible and robust net zero targets and plans through the development of sector-specific protocols. Get in touch to see how you can help roll out a protocol in your sector.

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