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We’re on the side of business. We think it’s the greatest opportunity for transformation we have.

Business has the reach and influence, the scale and resources, the creativity and cultural understanding. But at the moment this potential is not being realised.

Now is the time for this to change. For the sake of the world, for the sake of society and very much also for the sake of your business.

Businesses that create impact at scale through what they do and how they do it will generate value for everyone.

We exist to make this happen. Not by shouting and screaming, that’s not our style. We build trust with you and your stakeholders, combining evidence and conviction to create a compelling case for action.

Our Approach
We start with you

Your organisation, your context, your brand, your culture.

We bring in the world

What your stakeholders (friends, critics and challengers) think of you now and want from you in the future. Where your organisation intersects with the world’s biggest challenges, and what this means for your business and brands. What a step change in your impact could achieve.

We create a vision

We use our years of experience, our love of applying creativity to drive impact and our multi-layered network of contacts to establish your place in the future by showing how you can make it a better place to be.

We bring people along with us

Because unless everyone within your organisation is sold on the path to change it won’t happen.

Products and Tools

Materiality matrix

Done right, a materiality assessment becomes a strategic business tool with uses far beyond conventional sustainability and reporting. We rigorously identify and prioritise the issues your stakeholders want you to act on, explore how their expectations are changing, and uncover emerging issues. Robust evidence to drive action.


Do you know what stakeholders really think about your social and environmental actions, and what they’d say if they were feeling bold? If you don’t, we can help. We use our tools, network and knowledge to fill in the gaps and push your thinking. We speak to challenging people, ask challenging questions, and deliver surprising results.

Embedding and

It’s only possible to deliver transformative change if people within your organisation understand and buy in to it. We help you turn something that works on paper into something that lives and breathes in your organisation – and that therefore makes a difference.

Social leadership programme

What’s the best way to demonstrate the power of your brand and your business for good? Work with us to deliver a social leadership programme that uses your unique strengths, assets and reach to create social change, in a way that engages and involves your employees and consumers.

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