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Introducing Act Two

22 June, 2023

ACT TWO: Introducing our human-centred process for delivering a new phase of environmental and social change. Act Two helps organisations unlock the demanding actions they need to take if they are to achieve their ambitious sustainability targets and goals.

We’ve worked in the sustainability industry for over 25 years. We’ve gone from pushing water uphill to a time where social and environmental issues are an essential part of the mainstream business landscape. A great many of the biggest and most significant organisations in the business world have now set out impressive sustainability plans. Annual sustainability reports deliver updates on what they have achieved, while restating their commitment to future action. This secures their position in ratings and rankings and provides them with a buffer against criticism. The sustainability movement has therefore existed in a state of equilibrium. We call this Act One. We think its days are numbered.

We’re now reaching a point where delivering the change becomes much harder. Businesses have taken the (relatively) easy steps. The actions they need to take next are harder. They require more substantive change and in some cases significant capital expenditure. At the same time, the buffer put in place by the relative success of their sustainability action so far is protecting the business from the kind of exposure and criticism that would galvanise decision-makers. So action is stalling.

We need to grasp this challenge by the hand and create an Act Two that ushers in a better future. So we have developed a human-centred process for delivering a new phase of transformational impact. It combines our decades of experience in sustainability with our deep understanding of how organisation work. We dig into values and culture, skills and systems, mindsets and accountability. It’s a process that uses our tools and know-how, but also our intuition and empathy. We think it could usher in an Act Two that builds the future.

Read our full introduction to Act Two here, or get in touch with our Managing Partner David Lourie at david@good.business.

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