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A Corker of a B-Corp

11 March, 2022

Our second edition of B-Corp shoutouts this month is an ode to wine. As you may have heard, B-Corps are great companies, so here is a “grape” company to whet your whistle: Château Maris 

Château Maris was the first certified B-Corp Winery in Europe and part of the very select group of 27 B-Corp wineries across the globe. The winery has sustainability in its DNA with organic and biodynamic certifications and an impressive cellar made from hemp bricks. These absorb CO2, making the cellar carbon negative, while also acting as natural temperature regulators and insulators.  

There is no doubt they have strong credentials. Chateau Maris featured on Jancis Robinson’s ‘Sustainability Heroes’ – lauded as a winery that is “quite literally, awesome”. Their strong convictions are also represented through several partnerships that aim to protect local wildlife and biodiversity: Trees for Jane, L’Aspas and La Maison De L’Abeille.  

Their commitments are unparalleled. In December, they even shipped 10,000 bottles of their organic, biodynamic, and natural wine to New York by sailboat. Here’s hoping that that boat stops in Dover next time. But for now, a selection of their wines can be purchased through Armit Wines and Waitrose in the UK. Our friends in Europe are lucky with direct availability through Château Maris’ online shop. 

Time to wine down – B-Corps style. Cin-cin! 

By Bertie Bateman

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