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A good(s) start to the school year

15 September, 2023

Following on from our previous story about the Marie Claire Sustainability awards, this week on the Goods we wanted to mention a few other brands, to inspire our readers to make some sustainable switches. 

If you are in the middle of (or slightly behind on) the back-to-school rush, check out Coffeenotes, the sustainable stationary brand. Over 95% of its paper comes from recycled coffee cups in the UK (the other 5% comes from FSC European mill waste). Although we should be striving for the use of reusable coffee cups, it is good to know that all those single use cups serve a purpose. 

As the back to work commute resumes, you may be looking at low carbon alternatives, such as bikes and scooters. We love our fellow B Corp Micro Scooters, that craft high quality scooters made to last generations, and that can easily be revamped to suit every child’s taste.  

In the market for a little bit of change at home? Have a look at Mater, a trusted Danish furniture brand that uses post-consumer/post-industrial waste such as kegs or fishnets and transforms them into furniture; or Licks sustainable paint and wallpaper brand. And we can speak from personal experience on that one – it’s great!   

The list goes on. If you are looking to reduce your impact in a simple way, switching to one of these brands is a good starter for ten. And check out the full list of awards winners for inspiration. With the festive season just three months away, it’s never too early to start planning to fill the stockings with products from brands that are trying to be and do better.  

By Marie Guérinet

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