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Ajay’s first day

9 June, 2023

Last Friday was an important occasion for the one of the world’s largest multilateral development banks, as Ajay Banga took up his new post as President of the World Bank. To mark this new chapter, campaign group Project Everyone launched the Ajay’s First Day campaign to congratulate Ajay on his new position, and put a stake in the ground for what may be expected of him. 

This warm welcome is in support of global efforts to raise awareness of ONE Campaign’s 10-point plan for the new President’s first 100 days. The plan sets out ten key actions that would reform how the World Bank operates, ensuring low- and middle-income countries can access essential development funds that will help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. As one of the biggest global players in addressing global development issues and facing criticism regarding its approach, this seeks to pressure the World Bank to transform its approach and accelerate action to deliver the change the world so desperately needs. 

We’re intrigued by the approach of this campaign, embracing positivity to get Ajay Banga on board and throwing support behind him to drive action from the new President. While this could be seen as patronizing rather than positive—a call to “get on with it” under the guise of a warm welcome and a promise of support—we like the idea of this campaign and the fresh approach it’s taking. We hope this strategy has the desired effect, empowering Ajay and the World Bank to usher in much-needed transformation. 

So, as Ajay Banga steps into his role as President of the World Bank, Project Everyone’s Ajay’s First Day campaign sets the stage for a transformative journey. We look forward to seeing where it leads. 

By Lucy Bell

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