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6 October, 2023

After the government’s u-turn on net zero a couple of weeks ago, businesses have been busy discussing the policy change amongst themselves. The verdict? Overwhelmingly negative, with many demanding the government play its part in the fight against climate change.

This week, we wanted to call attention to a request from B Lab UK and our fellow B Corp members. We believe the network of like-minded businesses is the greatest strength of the B Corp movement.  We have always admired how much certified B Corps do within their own organisations, but also how much they do outside of their organisations and the support they provide to one another. There’s no lack of healthy challenge and differences of opinion, but we all share a commitment to businesses acting as a force for good.

And this week, the B Corp movement has come together to speak with one voice to say that business is not for turning on commitments to people and the planet. Last Friday, B Lab UK’s Executive Director Chris Turner shared a video message on LinkedIn to this effect, and now B Lab has asked business leaders for follow suit: recording and posting videos, signing and sharing petitions and asking government to play its part on climate.

We’re using our channel – Friday 5 – as part of our efforts in this regard. And if you are the leader of a business, B Corp certified or not, please read B Lab’s Executive Director, Chris Turner’s message and share it with your networks, or post your very own message and share this brief with your networks.

By Marie Guérinet

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