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In vino sustainabilitas

1 October, 2020

When we think about the biggest activists for climate change, specifically in agriculture, we might think of vertical farmers, or young regenerative crusaders – but probably not the vignerons. 

Yet, this summer’s JancisRobinson.com wine writing competition revealed just how advanced the wine industry is when it comes to fighting climate change. Sustainability has become a new way of differentiating yourself in a saturated market, and supply, demand and our planet are welcoming the change. The proportion of wine producers committed to organic – better yet, biodynamic – wines has increased hugely in the last few years. But this is just a first step for many.

Some vineyards have been focusing on their packaging, bottling their nectar in lightweight 80% recycled glass. Others have focused on transportation related emissions, and have horses deliver the grapes and canoe and bicycles to transport the final product. Further still, in New Zealand, a sizeable farm operates in a zero-waste way by producing wine, meat and only one small domestic rubbish bin of waste fortnightly – thanks to a sustainable ecosystem that has enough goats to fertilise the grape bushes.

The competition has not only highlighted innovative practices, but supports our thinking at Good Business that creativity and sustainability go hand and hand: there is not one, but many roads to choose from when moving towards sustainability!

By Marie Guérinet

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