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Japlanning ahead

14 July, 2023

Travelling to Japan and unsure how to fit your duffle coat into your case? Stressed about the carbon emissions associated with your flight? Not sure how many pairs of trousers to bring? 

Japan Airlines has the answer for you, through the launch of Any Wear, Anywhere’, a clothing rental initiative that allows passengers to rent a selection of clothing for their trip and save on having to pack a suitcase. Travellers have options over the number of tops and bottoms, size, and dress-code they select, with prices ranging from £22-£38 depending on the size of the wardrobe chosen. The clothing will be delivered to passengers’ accommodation upon their arrival, and will be collected, laundered and recycled after their departure.  

The initiative is designed to encourage light travel, in recognition of the added fuel consumption and carbon emissions associated with the baggage of each passenger. It’s estimated on a flight from New York to Tokyo, a 10kg reduction in luggage is estimated to result in a 7.5kg reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. By reducing the luggage on board, Japan Airlines has ambitions to make air travel a hint more sustainable. 

Beyond reducing emissions, and saving you the hassle of packing and choosing what to wear (not to mention saving you the horror that is washing when you return home from a trip), the initiative also promotes a more sustainable and minimalist approach to fashion, with the clothing offered being sourced from second hand or excess stock, limiting you to a pretty non-descript yet functional wardrobe. 

It’s a slightly ludicrous, but certainly imaginative approach to making travel (and fashion) more sustainable. Just don’t expect it to be your most fashionable trip. 

By Rosie Serlin

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