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Put your Surplus(s) into the loop!

13 January, 2023

What if your business’s latent or underused resources could help another business achieve its goals? And what if something another business has but ascribes no value to it could unlock your own business’s future?

Tech enabled platforms are brilliant at connecting different pieces of a puzzle together and helping match supply to demand in non-conventional and sustainable ways. Take something like the Library of Things which enables you to borrow useful things (think a drill, or a ladder) from others when you need them rather than buying them new for yourself. Then there’s Too Good to Go to redistribute food and alleviate waste, Just Park to tackle car parking inefficiencies – the list goes on.

But until now there have been fewer examples of this working in the business world. That’s where Surpluss comes into play. It aims to create change by connecting businesses with each other to share skills and resources. How it works: you tell them about your business, just a few words about who you are and what you do. They assess your potential synergies with their members; then connect you and help you get started with what you can offer or accept.

When a waste stream in a company becomes a resource for another business, both the environment and the economy benefit from it. So we think this has the potential to be a great way to tackle the world’s inefficiencies and solve problems simply by bringing the right people together at the right moment. As they say: local synergies create global impact. Who’s in?

By Flora Gicquel

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