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The Goods: Cycling and re-cycling

3 November, 2023

Cycling and recycling are two great ways of introducing sustainable habits into your daily life. And combining the two is even better, and that is now possible thanks to sports gear brand Decathlon, who has launched a bike buyback service across the UK.

For now, it only includes Decathlon’s own-brand bikes, but they will soon include a broader range of products.  The retailer offers store credit to customers who return their used bikes to one of its shops. The refurbished products are then sold as part of Decathlon’s second-life scheme.

Among many reasons, we love this idea because it’s about making fitness affordable. The cost-of-living crisis is forcing everyone to rethink their priorities. And we all know someone – maybe even you – who signed up for a gym membership but barely made it twice. When it’s time to trim down the expenses, this would then probably be the first thing to be abandoned. But the nice thing about this buyback scheme is that it allows you to give a sport a second chance and buy some shiny new equipment with your store credit. Doing so, you’d also free up some space in your cellar while giving someone the opportunity to afford a new bicycle.

Sustainability is not a luxury: this new initiative is another myth buster proving that conscious consumption doesn’t require a big wallet. Decathlon is showing it can be affordable, and responsible.

By Flora Gicquel

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