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The Goods: Dear Earth: art and hope in a time of crisis

30 June, 2023

If you’re interested in engaging art, then we have the activity for you this weekend. ‘Dear Earth: Art and Hope in a Time of Crisis’ is an exhibition currently open in the Hayward Gallery on the Southbank in London.

The exhibit has been inspired by artist Otobong Nkanga’s proposition that ‘caring is a form of resistance’, inspiring 15 artists including Agnes Denes, John Gerrard, Himali Singh Soin, Hito Steyerl, Daiara Tukano, Grounded Ecotherapy and more. There are photos from the Amazon showing the impact of gold mining on indigenous habitats and forests, as well as short films short in the polar deserts, and uprooted trees forming strange and beautiful installations. The exhibition was designed to highlight the role artists can play in inspiring the response to the climate crisis. Artists can help to reframe and influence our response to psychological and spiritual response to climate issues, which can inspire empathy and political and social activism. The exhibit has been summarised by the following quote from the gallery: ‘The exhibit explores themes of care, hope, interdependence, emotional and spiritual connection, and activism’.

And while it’s probably not the case that hard core climate deniers are going to be seeking out climate art at the Southbank, a recent study suggested that climate data, when presented in the form of art, has the potential to change opinions. So gather up your friends who need a little more persuading to act, and we’ll see you at the Hayward Gallery!

By Alex Gibbs

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