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The Goods: Sharing is caring

16 February, 2024

What do a smoke machine, a giant inflatable spider, and a chocolate fountain have in common? Not a whole lot, except for the fact that they could all be yours for a day thanks to this week’s Goods: peer-to-peer sharing platform Fat Llama.

The concept is simple: owners upload photos of their tools, toys, and other useful items, and renters arrange to borrow the items for an agreed time and price. Need a drill for a day? A tent for a weekend jaunt? Fat Llama’s got you.

Peer-to-peer sharing platforms are a growing (and welcome) trend which encourage people to borrow from their neighbours or community rather than buy (we also love the Library of Things and Olio). These platforms share a common vision: to transform our relationship with goods through a circular economy, where sharing and reusing become the norm rather than the exception.

With a wide range of available items, from photography equipment to camping gear, Fat Llama is a compelling option for anyone looking to minimise their ecological footprint without sacrificing their needs or hobbies. It’s also great for fostering a sense of community and accessing the things we need in a more cost-effective way.

So next time you’re poking around in your cellar, why not consider which of your neglected possessions might be of use to someone in your neighbourhood. And if ever you find yourself in need of a giant inflatable spider, you know where to go!

By Louise Podmore

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