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8 April, 2022

The cinephiles among you will love this week’s Goods. WaterBear is the first interactive streaming platform dedicated to content focused on improving the planet. They showcase content spanning climate action, biodiversity, community, diversity, and more. Their aim is to empower members to learn more about sustainability issues, as well as providing opportunities to take action to improve the planet. However, WaterBear are not leaving the sustainability actions to their members; they are also currently applying for B-Corp certification themselves. 

The platform is available in all English-speaking countries, on mobile app and web. It has a similar look and feel to Netflix or Amazon Prime and is easy to navigate. Better still, there are no ads and sign up is free. ‘But there’s no such thing as free!’ I hear you exclaim. Well, after some digging, it’s clear that WaterBear has four main revenue streams: integrated brand sponsorship with sustainability-focused companies (including referrals), sustainable e-commerce, ‘pay-per-view’ live events, and producing content on behalf of partners. These income sources mean the platform and content remains free for members to access, except for ‘pay-per-view’ live events.  

So the next time you fancy a bit of screen time, why not check them out? 

By Miriam Shovel

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