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A reusable coffee capsule

7 January, 2022

New year, new you, same morning routine: coffee! However, this time why not consider swapping your single-use Nespresso pod for a reusable stainless-steel capsule?

Another Cup is on a mission to address the nearly 30 billion single-use pods that end up in landfills each year. How? By offering their slick and sustainable Capsule and Tamper Sets which are compatible with most home-pod machines (click here to check).

The stainless-steel capsules can be filled and compacted with your favourite coffee grind, giving you that home-barista feel. Alongside the efficiency and convenience of your home-pod machine, we love the fact that Another Cup gives you the freedom to choose what is in your brew each morning.

Another Cup recommends Pact Coffee – especially their medium roast espresso blend made from the famous chocolate-cream filled Bourbon biscuits. Whilst they can provide delicious coffee to put in your reusable pods, their purpose stands out too: they are taking action against low wages, complex supply chains, bargain beans and climate change.

Another Cup’s reusable capsules are a promising solution to minimise waste and ensure barista-quality espressos. It might be a money-saver but more importantly, this new style of coffee-making will certainly limit your environmental impact. Coffee is always a good idea, and we think Another Cup is one too.

By Bertie Bateman

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