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Being true to myself

29 July, 2022

This week, instead of the Goods, we are bringing you a guest post from Dana, who has joined us for work experience for a week.  

Being better than you were yesterday is my motto to tackling life, so this week I’ve come to Good Business to achieve exactly that! I’m here for a work placement this week, working on SKY Girls, Avon and Travis Perkins. I will be a guest contributor on Friday 5 this week to share with you a few life lessons that are important to me.  

Underestimating myself was a common theme in my life until one day, out of boredom during lockdown I decided to sit down and press record. Opening up about all the basic rights that I didn’t have growing up as a female in an Indian household such as having my career chosen for me and being told the purpose of life is to be a good wife all led me to break down boundaries to follow my passion, and I’m encouraging others to do the same. I wanted to be everything they said I couldn’t be. 

Now, I’m influencing thousands of girls young and old, and even parents, on both Instagram (@danaaaaa.xo) and YouTube (Dana Ashraf) I tell them that living your life according to opinions of stereotypical aunties and uncles will do you no good. It took me a long time to understand that we are capable of controlling our lives, and we are responsible for our happiness.  

Working on the SKY Girls project was a remarkable experience, I felt a resemblance with SKY and the content that I create, for example, SKY encourages being true to yourself on online platforms and live events.  

I want to end this Friday 5 with a message that I stand by and share amongst my followers.  You are your biggest investment, you wake up every morning and the only person that’s constantly there for you is you, so work on yourself for yourself.  

By Dana

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