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Boo to taboos

8 September, 2023

The definition of a taboo is something we don’t talk about. A few years ago, we helped establish the Talking Taboos Foundation, which starts from the premise that it is useful, and even necessary, to talk about the things we find uncomfortable. And we are delighted that the Foundation is thriving today as it continues to shine a light on the unspoken malaises of our society. And it would like to invite Friday 5 readers to the launch event of their latest report (title: Today’s Taboos: 2023), on the 2nd of October 6:00-7:15 pm, at The Conduit

Talking Taboos is helping to kick start conversations through a clever combination of research, design and behavioural science to shine a light on the beliefs and attitudes that fuel taboos. Its insights have already helped to address young people’s loneliness and teenage self-harm, by providing the tools and vocabulary people can use to support those in need. 

Breaking the silence around today’s taboos is not as easy as it seems. Because they are shrouded in silence, even identifying, let alone understanding, most taboo topics is complicated. But whoever wants to make the world a better place needs to face society’s failures and address these unspoken issues. 

The core of the new report underlines the need to face up to matters unsaid and shameful in our society. Using social listening, it draws out areas that society is struggling to open up about in 2023. We are all directly or indirectly affected by at least one taboo in our daily lives. So, if you live in the London area and want to find out more, please get in touch and we will put your name on the list. 

By Flora Gicquel

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