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Finding the purposeful needle in a haystack

14 May, 2021

Purpose-led business is officially mainstream. Entrepreneurs are increasingly choosing to start up purpose-led businesses, and existing companies are finding ways to redirect and reframe their work through purpose.

However, getting it right, especially when you’re a one-person band, can be difficult. Of course, as in all areas of the business world, there are experts who can help. Whether you want to go net zero carbon, align your business with a social movement, or recruit and retain purpose-driven employees, the right advice is available.

But how do you access that advice? This is more challenging. What do you type into Google? It can be hard to know what questions to ask, particularly if you are not quite sure what you need. And many of the best and most experienced specialised organisations are smaller. While the big consultancies are increasingly diversifying into the area as it becomes more popular, they are not the right option for many businesses, who need someone who talks their language.

This is where a new tool from ReGenerate comes in. As part of their mission to help people start, grow and support purpose-led businesses, they have created an ‘ecosystem map’ of organisations that are on your wavelength. From investment to recruitment, co-working to consultancy, the infographic, map and directory provide direction on who you can turn to. We are delighted to say we are part of the crew, and in very good company.

Find the ecosystem of tools here.

By Ben Wood

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