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30 July, 2021

What could be better than a nice cold beer after work? How about one that is alcohol-free and made by a B Corp doing some serious good in the world? Introducing Freestar.

Freestar was started in 2019 by three friends looking for better options for in the pub on a Tuesday night when they didn’t want alcohol. But their journey over the last two years has taken them further than just making alcohol-free beer: they’ve reinvented it for good.

Producing alcohol-free beer usually requires making regular beer and dealcoholising it. The process creates a lot of waste and uses a lot of energy. So, instead of brewing, Freestar blends the usual beer ingredients, making a crisp and satisfying beer using 90% less CO2, 80% less water, 80% less energy and producing 70% less waste. Impressive figures, to which they have added a net zero commitment by 2030.

“Freestar is proudly not a craft beer,” co-founder Felix told us, “it is an innovation. Our business is all about championing the next generation.” This mission translates into the brand’s social impact too. Last year they launched ‘The Mentoring Hotline’: every Friday afternoon, employees, partners and friends of Freestar offer one-on-one careers guidance to young people in need of a leg up, from CV help to advice on where to start. Hundreds of young people have already benefitted, with nearly a dozen securing jobs off the back of it.

Sound good? Why not try their beer with a Friday5 exclusive offer of 15% off with the code FRIDAY15. And if you know any young people who might benefit from The Mentoring Hotline, check out the web page for more information and a simple sign-up form.

By Ben Wood

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