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26 August, 2022

Cycling is cool – it saves you money, saves the environment and is great exercise (not so cool in recent weeks). Many of us use our bikes for popping to the shops and commuting, and this is where this weeks ‘Goods’ will come handy.

COBAGS is the brain child of Copenhagen local, Nikolai Gulmann, who noticed too many cyclists in his city were bearing the discomfort and inconvenience of hanging single-use shopping bags from their handlebars. He set to create a stylish, safe and eco-friendly alternative.

COBAGS bicycle panniers, the ‘Bikezac’, are made from 100% recycled material: all from post-consumer rice sacs collected from the streets of Southeast Asia. The durable bags allow for easy attaching to your luggage rack, and come in a variety of colours to suit your speedster. They even offer customised prints; perhaps an opportunity for some company merchandise or a personalised gift? The best thing about them is that they have wide straps for carrying around, and when you aren’t using them, they fold up super-small so you can tuck them into your backpack for those unscheduled shopping stops on the way home from work.

After rave reviews from Good Business’ very own Claire, we’ll be asking those questions, and expect to see everyone rocking up to the shops (and work) in style.

Cycling is CO2-friendly, and COBAG are taking an extra step with a simple solution – they look wheelie good and are offering 20% off at the moment too.

By Bertie Bateman

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