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1 December, 2023

Do you work in a small to midsize business? Do you sometimes have challenges in cash flow whilst trying to grow? Can you demonstrate sustainability efforts? Enter, Kikin, the exciting new app launching this week that might be just what you’re looking for.    

In a nutshell, Kikin helps companies pay suppliers faster, manage invoices, and extend cash reserves for longer. This means you can get quick access to funding without giving up equity or seeking bank finances, so that you can focus on growing your company. And what’s more, they back companies committed to a better world with strong environmental, social, and governance ethics. Sustainable businesses are rewarded with lower fees, freeing up even more of your cash. So if you share your B Corp or 1% for the Planet certification with Kikin, you receive discounted fees as a reward. 

A study from Intuit found that 61% of small businesses struggle with cash flow. Growth and access to sustainable finance is hard in this economy. That’s why we love a solution that helps support the flow of capital towards innovators, builders, SMEs, entrepreneurs, founders and change-makers who can set us on a path towards a healthier planet. 

We had a chat with the Chair, Rob Forshaw, to get the inside scoop. In his words, “Kikin means “to fund” in Japanese. If you look at the Kikin.io app you can see we are rooted in adventure and the outdoors. This is because we want to support the adventurers in business, especially those with a strong sense of purpose. Crucially though we are a fintech product aimed at helping businesses to fund growth and expansion.” 

Rob’s ethos of “helping the good, win” resonates a lot with us at Good Business. We’re looking forward to seeing how Kikin can help purpose-led businesses better manage their growth. Think you know someone who might be interested? Why not forward this on to them.

By Alice Railton

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