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The Goods: Don’t just drink it, carry it too!

19 April, 2024

Did you know that beer can be turned into a bag? Neither did we.

For every 100 litres of beer brewed, 20 kilos of spent grain are discarded as waste and sent to landfills or fed to livestock as cheap, low-quality feeds.

Arda Biomaterials, conveniently based on the Bermondsey Beer Mile, has found a new purpose for the spent grain – “New Grain”. Through processing and upscaling, it produces a leather-esque fabric that mimics faux leather and can be used in making leather bags.

Most faux leather products are plastic, which can have significant environmental implications. The “Arda Biomaterials” leather bags are highly sustainable, and desirable – a real win-win for vegans and environmentalists alike. Arda Biomaterials Leather Bags are currently in development phase and not yet available to buy, but you can sign up to the mailing list to be kept up to date when they are. And the next time you drink your beer, remember you’ll soon be able to carry it too!

By Tashinga Gwendere

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