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Melinda’s Health Code: Breaking Gender Barriers

1 March, 2024

Imagine having a conversation with a younger version of yourself. What wisdom would you share?

Melinda French Gates, the renowned philanthropist, computer scientist, and author, reflected on this very question during her recent appearance on Kirsty Young’s podcast, “Young Again.” As one half of the world’s biggest private Foundation- and previously one half of the world’s most famous power couple- Melinda has garnered many invaluable insights. Particularly, about the importance of gender equality in enhancing global health.

Melinda talks about the evolution of her perspectives through her work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. A pivotal realisation for her was understanding that addressing gender disparities is fundamental to improving global health outcomes. This insight led the Foundation to look at gender differences in the world and deliver targeted interventions that lift women up. By creating the enabling environment for women to access essential services such as banking, mobile connectivity, and healthcare, we can bridge the gap for women’s economic freedom and better health for them and their families.

This philosophy is actively applied in SKY Girls, our behaviour change programme for teenage girls in Africa, funded by the Gates Foundation. SKY Girls aims to tackle various health and social issues, including financial inclusion, to enhance the life prospects of young women and girls.

As you unwind for the weekend, why not give the full interview a listen here?

By Alice Railton

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