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Sustainability Leaders Panel

12 April, 2024

The sustainability industry is at a pivot point, transitioning from nascent to established, as evolving regulatory requirements and external pressures change how we do business. As we enter a new phase, we want to create a supportive infrastructure for industry peers that enables the sharing of knowledge and experience to answer some of the biggest questions.

So we are partnering with our good friends at Echo Research to create the Sustainability Leaders Panel, a collective of senior sustainability executives who will act as a research resource and community-of-interest.

Each quarter, Good Business and Echo Research will ask several questions on pressing and thorny sustainability-related matters, ranging from CSRD compliance to the role progressive brands should play in today’s world. The results will then be shared within and beyond the community, offering practical guidance and cross-sectoral insight to sustainability professionals. We will also facilitate in-person and virtual meetings, to create a space for productive conversation and guidance, allowing members to navigate their own activity, while being supported by the community.

We continue to grow the panel and are always keen to welcome new faces and voices to the fold. If you are a senior sustainability executive working in industry, and felt yourself enthusiastically nodding along, excited by the idea of joining a network of diverse sustainability leaders, then please reach out to kerry@good.business.

By Rosie Serlin

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