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The Goods: B Corp Month

8 March, 2024

It’s that time of year again: B Corp Month! Every March, B Corp Month brings together the global community of B Corps to celebrate and raise awareness of the movement. As a proud B Corp, we’ll be doing our part, including showcasing our favourite fellow B Corporations in the Goods section of Friday 5 throughout March. To kick things off, we want to bring attention to the events taking place across the UK throughout March, hosted by B Lab, local B Corp communities and B Corps themselves. 

There’s something for everyone. Join celebratory events with your local B Corp community to celebrate progress and connect with fellow purpose-led business leaders, or attend a panel discussion or seminar to delve into an issue affecting businesses on their journey to using business as a force for good. Network with fellow B Corps over breakfast or drinks to discuss challenges and share best practice, or volunteer for an afternoon with a B Corp to benefit nature in your local area.

So whether you’re a business leader, B Corp employee, interested in starting your B Corp journey, or want to learn more, March is the time to learn about what it means to be a B Corp, celebrate progress over the past year, and share insights to support the whole B Corp community to continue to move forward. To see the full schedule of events across the UK and to get your tickets, head to the B Lab UK website 

By Lucy Bell


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