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The Goods: Collective Action

26 May, 2023

If, like us, you have ever wondered how you can use the resources at your fingertips to make a positive impact, then Global Citizen – the digital movement working to defeat poverty, demand equality and defend the planet – allows you to do just that. The platform for “action takers and impact makers” provides suggestions on ways its members can use their online presence to call on those with the power to influence change to take the necessary action to address various issues.

If you wonder how effective this sort of activism (sometimes dismissed as “clicktivism”) can be, we hear you. While digital activism has a broad reach, its impact is typically shallow and short lasting compared to more hands-on and sustained activism.  However, with well researched, specific asks of its members’ online engagements that integrate with other activist forums, Global Citizen’s approach has a well-earned place in the activism landscape.

With multiple concrete examples of the tangible impact its campaigns have achieved, we’re drawing our attention to its upcoming event, Power Our Planet – Live in Paris. The event forms part of Global Citizen’s Power Our Planet campaign which aims to address climate change and inequality by calling on global financial systems to release funds to enable the transition towards a sustainable, equitable and just future through investment in development programmes and clean energy.

With a line-up of stars from Lenny Kravitz to Billie Eilish all committed to the cause, the event aims to harness the collective power of those attending to drive commitments from world leaders and the private sector at the New Financial Pact Summit, to be hosted in Paris later in June. The event will reinforce the 42,944 actions taken by Global Citizen members at the time of writing as part of the campaign. We also expect to see similar activity from the campaign in the run up to the G20 and COP28 conferences later this year.

Global Citizen shows us the power of harnessing our collective reach to influence change and tackle some of the world’s most pressing problems. So, if you (or a Gen Z social activist you know) are ever lacking inspiration on how to make a positive change, consider joining the movement that will amplify your voice and pave the way to making the changes we want to see.

By Jovontae Catline

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