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The Goods: Germ warfare

1 September, 2023

Contrary to popular belief, not all bacteria are bad. In fact, research shows that around less than 1% of the different types actually make people sick. This means that by ‘killing 99.9%’ of bacteria when using traditional cleaning products like bleach, we also kill the helpful bacteria that are better kept alive. Yokuu, a cleaning product company, puts an innovative spin on cleaning by using special ‘good’ bacteria to kill the bad ones.

Research shows that the overuse of conventional disinfectants is contributing to an increase in allergies and immune-related diseases. These products use harsh chemicals that aim to kill everything off the surface, both good and bad. Yokuu want to do better, and have designed an innovative formula that cleans and continues to clean on a microbial level.

Yokuu’s cleaning products are powered by probiotics or ‘good bacteria’: living microorganisms from nature that get rid of the nasties while creating a human and pet friendly microflora in your home. After initial application and cleaning, the bacteria remain hard at work breaking down fat, dirt, and odour for up to seven days. This allows for a natural, deeper and longer lasting clean.

Yokuu’s products are all designed with the planet in mind. The probiotics are chosen for their positive impact on the environment and by using a refill and reuse system they reduce the single use plastic waste found heavily in the cleaning product industry. The use of dissolvable pods rather than selling the solution whole also eliminates the unnecessary transportation of water, further reducing their carbon footprint. Let’s hope they clean up!

By Jeremiah Akpabio

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