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8 September, 2023

If you love queues and business attire (and who doesn’t), then instead of spending next Friday in a Charles Tyrwhitt shop, join the Queue for Climate and Nature, a gathering organised to assemble business people who want to push government action on climate change. And even if those aren’t your thing, consider joining it anyway, as the Friday 5 audience (professional people with a commitment to sustainability) are just who are needed.  

The instructions are simple and quintessentially British: put on your suit, journey up to town and join a line teeming with likeminded stakeholders and business-people who want to send a message to UK political parties that they need to do more to protect our climate. Specifically, queuers will be rallying for an accelerated just transition to a more stable climate, an end to fossil fuel licensing, greater investment in renewable energy, and more thorough and robust action for nature. The goal is to unite the business community (in an orderly fashion) and in doing so, communicate that businesses urgently require action on climate change. 

It might not be the most conventional or radical set up for a rally – no one will be gluing themselves to the railing –  but it expands the borders of climate activism to include and mobilise an audience who might usually shy away from group protests. Such plurality of climate action is important and welcome and keeps the urgency of the message alive and kicking. You can find details to register here  and join the line on the 15th September. 

By Rosie Serlin

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