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DEI bearing fruit at Apple

2 February, 2024

Numerous Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives are dedicated to fostering internal diversity and equity within businesses for all employees. Those engaged in these efforts are well aware that this process often unfolds gradually and can present challenges. Therefore, it was heartening to witness a major brand like Apple reach a significant and impactful milestone by becoming the first major tech company to achieve a board of directors with equal representation of men and women.

This milestone is a stark contrast to its industry peers, who continue to face immense challenges in addressing board diversity. The broader tech landscape is marred by a glaring lack of diversity at the decision-making level. Research consistently underscores the positive impact of diverse boards, emphasizing that inclusivity leads to better decision-making and enhanced corporate performance. In an industry where innovation is paramount, Apple’s move sends a powerful message about the imperative of breaking traditional moulds.

At a time when DEI efforts are under threat, particularly in the US given the changing legal context, it’s particularly important to celebrate progress and lead by example. In this case Apple seems to be doing just that.

By Flora Gicquel

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