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Give the World a Shot

25 March, 2021

In order to see the back of the pandemic, we need to get the world vaccinated. It’s the only way to keep us all safe, and to stop new variants taking hold. 

But at the moment vaccination rates vary massively, with many countries yet to deliver a single dose. This is an immediate, urgent problem, that demands everyone’s attention – it’s our way out. 

Enter: VaccinAid. A new fundraising initiative set up to turbo-charge the global vaccine rollout and ‘Give the World a Shot’. It’s a coalition between the UK Committee for UNICEF and Crowdfunder to get people to support the biggest vaccine drive in history. It’s backed by the NHS, faith groups, including the Church of England, and businesses and celebrities. And we’re working with Crowdfunder and the team to get businesses on board too. The aim is to purchase and deliver two billion vaccines to 190 countries around the world through the global COVAX initiative by the end of this year.  

This is for all of us. Take part as a ‘fundraiser’ (by organising events and challenges); a ‘donator’ (by giving as much as you can); or a ‘promotor’ (by using your social media channels to spread the word). And if you’ve had, or are about to have your dose, then think of it as a ‘get one, give one’ model, and donate to VaccinAid to help someone else.  

The end to the pandemic starts here – or give us a call to get your business involved!

By Cara McEvoy

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