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The Goods: Going green this Christmas

8 December, 2023

Everyone knows that the festive season is a wonderful, but wasteful, time of the year. If you’re wondering how to make this Christmas a little more sustainable, we’re here to provide some inspiration with a few tips and ideas.

  1. Gift second-hand. Christmas gifts don’t need to be brand new. Here at Good Business, all our team Secret Santa presents are either handmade or bought from charity shops, so we enjoy the fun of gift giving whilst minimising our impact on the planet. We aren’t ashamed of regifting either (though be careful you don’t leave your boarding pass with your name in it inside the book you give to a colleague…).
  2. DIY decor. Whilst neither tinsel nor baubles are recyclable, it is easy to make your own Christmas decorations using dried orange slices, salt-dough or pinecones. We love this origami star garland, which you can make in the time it takes you to watch Elf from beginning to end. If you have the time and talent, you even crochet some Christmas snowflakes, making use of odds and ends of wool. But remember, the most environmentally friendly option is to use what you already have, so don’t throw away those plastic baubles any time soon.
  3. Drink sustainably. This BBC guide has some great ideas for sustainable spirits and if you’ve got some leftover gin or vodka in your cupboard, there are some inspiring ideas for homemade festive drinks which make wonderful gifts here.
  4. Freeze ahead and donate leftovers. Every year 2 million turkeys are thrown away over Christmas. Use the Olio app to share your leftovers or that extra jar of cranberry sauce you panic bought but didn’t get round to using. And don’t forget your freezer; there are very few things that can’t be frozen (see here for a guide on how to get the most out of your freezer) and we’re huge fans of frozen food, which stays fresh, has high levels of nutrients and reduces food waste.
  5. Rent, recycle or reuse your tree. Every year an estimated seven million Christmas trees go to landfill. To avoid this, rent a tree and return it in January, buy a potted spruce that you reuse each year, or buy an FSC-certified tree to ensure it’s from a well-managed forest and recycle it. Plastic trees have double the carbon footprint of a real tree, but if you already have one, keep using it!

So, if you’re dreaming of a *green* Christmas, make it a reality with these tips and tricks.

By Charlotte Pounder

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