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Enough of the fluff

16 July, 2021

For our ‘Goods’ product this week, we have a fish-friendly solution that is very kind to clothes.   

Anyone who owns a tumble dryer knows that clothes shed a lot of ‘fluff’ every time we wash them. A significant portion of this ‘fluff’ is hundreds of thousands of microplastic fibres which journey from our washing machines into our oceans and marine life. You may remember us tackling microplastic pollution back in July last year. Well, whilst we’re still waiting on the release of the washing machine filter, XFiltra, let us recommend to you a solution that’s already winning.

Guppyfriend is a clever laundry bag that prevents microplastics from entering the water supply. Studies show that simply placing your synthetic clothes in this bag will capture over 90% of the dreaded plastics. The texture of the bag is designed to reduce fibre loss and your clothes will also survive much longer. The result: happy fish and happy clothes.

Guppyfriend also supports STOP! Micro Waste, a non-profit organisation that researches and educates children about plastic pollution and helps to provides solutions for a plastic-free future.

Next time your clothes are heading for a wash, think about throwing them into this friendly bag. They will thank you for it!

By Poppy Bolton Carter

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