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More reason to do good

22 March, 2024

Would you like to add £2,300 to your salary? Whilst corporate volunteering may be start from a desire to give back,  new research shows that it can be a bonus for your own career (and payslip).

The report from Pro Bono Economics and the Royal Voluntary Service estimates that professional-level volunteers increase their salaries by an average of £2,300 through the skills learnt offering their time as volunteers. These skills include leadership, self-reflection, networking, problem-solving and improved time-management, which match the most in-demand soft skills required by employers.

The report makes a compelling case for businesses to expand employee volunteering opportunities, highlighting the benefits for productivity gains for the wider economy. A fifth of British companies now offer paid volunteer days for staff, including here at Good Business. We call them ‘Good Days’; two paid days a year for doing something ‘good’ (whether or not it is linked to formal volunteering for a charity).

On Wednesday, we sat down over a sarnie to share ideas for what different team members have done with their time. From beach clean-ups, and helping families in challenging times, to food bank volunteering, helping people build cycling confidence and taking up charity trustee roles, there so many ways to give your time to a good cause you care about. Alongside the many skills mentioned in the report, we have found volunteering has helped us make new connections, increase our confidence and sense of purpose.

If you’re interested but don’t know where to start, Do It Life helps connect people to meaningful volunteer opportunities.

By Alice Railton

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