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Nan with a van

16 June, 2023

Good campaigns require a deep understanding of your audience. Gaining this insight requires creating the right space for people to be open and honest. And making sure that the right person is asking the questions. 

Some people have a unique ability to prompt open and honest insights, and in the battle against climate change, fostering genuine conversations about the challenges and solutions is hugely important. A dash of humour and relatability, a sprinkle of warmth and charm – key ingredients to empowering people to share their thoughts and concerns. And who fits this better profile better than your nan? 

In efforts to engage people around climate change and nature, activist groups Rights: Community: Action and The Glimpse Collective sent their nan (well, someone’s grandmother) on a mission: to tour the UK in a caravan and invite people to share their ideas, hopes and fears around climate change. The aim of this campaign was to gain genuine insights into people’s views to share with MPs to inform future policy planning. By recording conversations over a cup of tea, rather than having people fill out a form or a survey, Climate Nan hoped to spark a genuine dialogue around climate change, bridging the gap between the policy makers and the people. 

When people perceive messengers as relatable and trustworthy, they feel comfortable engaging in meaningful discussions. This creates an environment where ideas flow and innovative solutions emerge. People get a chance to speak and be heard, and they educate and inform others in the process. It’s a great way to spark collective action. Go Climate Nan! 

By Lucy Bell

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