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16 September, 2022

University can be a positive experience for many. But it is also tough on mental health.  

The number of UK applicants to UCAS reporting a mental health condition on their applications has increased by an astonishing 450% over the past decade. While that could be seen as a positive – with people being more willing to talk about their mental health – there is no doubt that it is also indicative of a pervasive underlying concern. This is backed up by other data points, including the fact that half of students say their mental health is worse than it was before the pandemic. 

To address this, Samaritans have partnered with The Positive Planner, co-creating a journal designed to improve student well-being. The planner comprises daily intentions and reflections, mood trackers, mindfulness activities and positive affirmations. The planner also features organisational extras such as meal planners, shopping lists and diaries, all of which can be very helpful when navigating the stressful first few days and weeks at university.  

Directed at those within further education, the planner is a way to guide students through a new stage of life and make self-care a regular practice. Although it is available to buy online, there are digital versions and copies made available at numerous University departments and well-being centres (it’s worth checking if you can get them for free!).  

Uni life may have started, or be around the corner, for you or members of your family, and the Positive Planner will be a welcome addition to any student’s book shelf.  

By Bertie Bateman

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