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The corporate activist

17 November, 2023

Last week our CEO and founder, Giles Gibbons, sat down with Siri Trang Khalsa for the Corporate Activist Podcast to discuss the shifting roles and responsibilities of businesses and how this has informed Good Business’ approach over the last 25 years. 

The Corporate Activist is a podcast that explores the role of the business sector in today’s complex social and political landscape. Giles and Siri begin by discussing the shifting landscape of corporate activism, which has moved away from CSR and marketing to the emergence of purpose and values and the role of sustainability in authentically delivering on them. This culminates in a fascinating moment for corporate activism. 

In a wide-ranging discussion Giles and Siri rove from business management approaches to purpose to the ever-growing debate about when businesses should take a public position and espouse a point of view. On which point he also gives a shout out to our client Avon for its authentic approach to corporate activism – using their on-the-ground sales reps across the world to communicate and engage the community on pertinent issues such as breast cancer education and awareness and violence against women and girls. We highly recommend a listen. 

And not just to Giles – many of the previous episodes are fascinating too, taking on the reinvention of corporate philanthropy, the power of partnerships, and the role of business in policy and politics – which leads us neatly onto our next story… 

By Budd Nicholson

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