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The Goods: Rent everything but the baby

9 February, 2024

Parents amongst us will know the feeling of fear that the baby kit list brings on. Desperately googling flash sales and watching your once-lovely living room morph into a baby storage depot. And then, plot twist: your tiny human decides they only need that contraption for a week. What if you were told you could rent everything but the baby?

Enter, Baboodle; the UK’s first baby equipment rental subscription service, offering you access to the full kit and caboodle of the best products for your baby. The products are selected from premium brands to ensure that they have the high quality demanded for a longer lifestyle.

Having a baby can lead to a huge amount of waste, and contributes an enormous amount to your carbon footprint. So we’re very excited to see the baby market embracing circularity, without compromising on quality. This helps avoid unnecessary purchases, increase the amount of use per item, and reduces the amount of baby kit ending up in landfill.

Affordable baby equipment remains elusive for many families. The cost of essential items like prams, cribs, and car seats can create significant financial strain, making it challenging for everyone to access the same level of quality and safety for their little ones. A rental model helps save money on purchases, making it more accessible to all parents. The average Baboodler will rent over £1450 worth of equipment whilst making a saving of over 70%.

Worried about baby barf on the carrier? Any items which don’t meet Baboodle’s strict rental standards find a new home via The Octopus Club, who are creating a wholesome and inclusive platform and saving you from Facebook Marketplace. This helps to extend the items lifetime and prevent it from going to landfill.

Our friends at Baboodle are offering Friday 5 readers an exclusive 20% discount if you use the code GOODBUSINESS20. Hold onto your pacifiers, because parenting just got more sustainable and more affordable.

By Alice Railton

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