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18 November, 2022

It’s not hard to know what the urgent social and environmental issues of the day are, but it can be difficult to know what to do about them at the individual level. Weekly newsletter ‘Today Do This’ aims to tackle this problem, addressing issues from anti-semitism to staying safe in a crowd.

Today Do This is a free subscription-based platform that provides advice and tips to help employees and businesses make day-to-day changes to help achieve social and environmental commitments in the form of practical guides or actionable tips. Recently, in response to the UN report launched at COP27 stating that net zero commitments made by companies are often not matched by action, Today Do This highlighted the importance of employees advocating for clear, honest net zero strategies within their businesses.

Individual action may not change the world on its own, but pressure from employees and concerted efforts by small businesses, which make up a huge proportion of businesses worldwide but often lack the resources enjoyed by larger businesses to make significant sustainability improvements, will make a huge difference. Access to information and guidance, for both decision makers and employees, on how to make changes in businesses in this sector is essential, and any platform with this purpose is a winner in our eyes.

As COP27 has highlighted, we still need stronger action from larger corporations and those in power, but in the meantime, everyone can do their part to create societal change. As Today Do This reminds us: it’s everybody’s business to change the world for the better.

By Lucy Bell

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