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Tops off!

3 July, 2020

Last week we wrote about the effect that coronavirus has had on plastic pollution, as global consumption of single-use plastics increases; this week we noticed the virus created a new problem – a shortage of it!  

Our friends at Delphis Eco have brought to our attention the problematic deficit in bottle caps, pumps and trigger sprays – many of which were produced in China and northern Italy. This means that stocks of disinfectant and other vital cleaning products cannot leave the warehouse, depriving the nation of virus and bacterial-fighting liquids. Delphis’ CEO, Mark Jankovich compares the situation to “wine without a cork or a screw top – [they] are in a position where [they] cannot supply bottles due to these shortages.” 

Their solution? Delphis Eco has partnered with recycler First Miles RecycleBox and is asking households to post any kinds of tops, from any brand, via free courier service. First Mile will clean and sanitise the closures. From there, it sends them to Delphis which can then close its bottles and send its cleaning products to the front line of the fight against covid.  

Whether motivated to help care for the planet or to play your part in the fight against CV-19, getting involved has never been easier thanks to Delphis Eco and First Mile. Others have also set up recycling streams to help reduce our CV-19 waste, like latex gloves or other PPE. Perhaps this weekend you could set up a scavenger hunt for your children to find all your unused tops? 

By Marie Guérinet

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